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Subcontractor Testimonials

How many companies can say they have spent their entire career with MSS? I can, so they must have been doing something right all these years. They have succeeded by being innovative and introducing new things to this industry. They should be flattered that other companies have copied their success. I enjoy working for MSS because they “think outside the box” and allow their techs to make decisions that improve on service to the transferee. MSS makes it easy by having a large office staff to support us and help us make the correct decisions.

Service Provider – Atlanta, GA
30+ Years of Service



In our line of work, we interact daily with many clients, vendors, and customers. It is rewarding to work with the staff at MSS, whose high work-ethic and strong commitment to customer service aligns with our own. Partnering with such a solid company ensures that our clients' needs are met promptly and successfully.

Service Provider – Nashville, TN
5 Years of Service



Working with MSS has been a true blessing for our company. They have always provided us with an ample daily workload. In our eight years with MSS we have developed wonderful relationships with Dispatch, Scheduling, and Customer Service, as well as other technicians. The quality of MSS employees is second to none to say the least. They are always there to help with any problem, no matter how big or how small. Great rates and prompt payment are an added bonus that shows just how well MSS takes care of their contractors. In closing, I would like to thank everyone at MSS for placing their trust in us to provide excellent service to all of their customers. We hope to continue our run with MSS for many more years.

Service Provider – Virginia Beach, VA
8 Years of Service



Being an MSS contractor for 21 years, we have grown as MSS has grown. We always welcome their new ideas and ways to improve the business, whether it’s through tech training, faster billing, innovative procedures (Armor Packs), recall updates, or automated dispatching. Their support of the techs and our office staff is outstanding. All issues are addressed and dealt with in a fair manner. I truly hope to be with MSS another 21 years and look forward to new business solutions and products. Always trying to improve their services encourages us to always be improving our services.  

Service Provider – Boston, MA
21 Years of Service



We are a company who in the past has worked for numerous facility maintenance and third party service organizations, and it is an incredible privilege to work as a contractor for MSS. MSS is the most professional and well-managed organization that we have had the pleasure to work with.  

Communication is timely and thorough; MSS personnel are experts in their field and are consistently excellent at their job. The volume and quality of the work that MSS provides us is better than we could have expected. MSS provides an incredible depth of support and training for subcontractors, and payment is always prompt.

What an honor it is to work with an organization like this–the experience makes this work extremely enjoyable and rewarding!

Service Provider – Cylinder, IA
1 Year of Service



We have shared a partnership with MSS for over 11 years. It has been rewarding working with an organization that strives for and cares that each customer receives excellent service. MSS truly is a leader in our industry and continues to move forward through new technology that promotes growth and success.

Finally, MSS shows a true concern for the success of all their vendors.

Service Provider – Columbus, OH
11 Years of Service



I am going into my 13th year working for/with MSS now. Their professionalism and innovative trendsetting ability has put them and kept them on top of their industry. More importantly, their uncanny ability to make a contractor feel like family and be part of the bigger picture has been sealing the deal for me year after year. Old school principles with new age technology; that’s what MSS is! And I hope it never changes.

Service Provider – Jacksonville, FL
13 Years of Service



I have been working with MSS for right over a year. My experience working with MSS has been financially rewarding from day one. Prompt payment for services is always a plus, but the ease of working and communicating with the team is the foundation of our positive relationship. While working with MSS, we've had no problems–any minor issues or questions are resolved quickly and amicably. MSS is a very professional company that cares about the subcontractors.  

Service Provider – Lafayette, LA
1 Year of Service



I want to take a minute to talk about working for MSS, which has been a pleasure. They set you up for success, which sets them up for success–success that carries through the teams, team leaders, and the rest of the network. They have set the standard for customer communication and communication with the techs in the field. In addition, their mobile forms and Mosette systems have helped me to successfully dispatch my days and weeks in the peak season. 

I have worked directly with them for over six years (and indirectly for over 20) without regret. Weekly settlement is a plus from a cash flow standpoint. In closing, I would to say it has been and will continue to be a pleasure to work with MSS for years to come!

Service Provider – Austin, TX
7 Years of Service



A 16-year relationship with MSS says it all. They are a great company to do business with. They are “the industry leader” when it comes to innovations and always challenging the techs with new opportunities. They have a very knowledgeable staff for support for the complete job process. 

Service Provider – Ellisville, MO
16 Years of Service



We have been doing business with MSS for 6 years. MSS has done a fantastic job of creating a quality service provider network. The destination work that we receive in our local area from MSS is far superior then their competitors'. 

MSS has the best staff in the industry! The Customer Service teams are always friendly. Dispatch is very knowledgeable. Management is always helpful and listens to our concerns and ideas. MSS does more than just provide work to our company. They have become a quality company to model your own business, workload management ability, and friendships after. We look forward to many more years to come.

Thank you, MSS, for everything you have done for our company!

Service Provider – Charlotte, NC
6 Years of Service



We have worked for MSS for years and are amazed and impressed with how great they are! Anyone we deal with at MSS treats us, the contractor, like we are the customer when in fact they are OUR customer. They spend huge amounts of resources on new technology to increase productivity in the field. MSS offers invaluable training classes at their facility and will also send a trainer to US who improves our company and the overall industry. MSS is the leader in third party and we are privileged to be a part of their team.

Service Provider – Atlanta, GA
15 Years of Service



It is a sincere pleasure working with MSS: a company on the cutting edge of technology with great customer service and a profound level of excellence demonstrated by the employees there. If you are looking to be on the front line of technical know-how, always pushing the boundaries of greatness and advancement in the industry, MSS is THE company to be associated with.

Service Provider – Phoenix, AZ
6 Years of Service



We have been doing business with MSS now for 15 years. Our partnership with them has always been professional and timely. Their approach to resolution has always been honest and fair. The communication with the Sales, Dispatch and Claims departments is always courteous and professional, and timely in resolving any questions that have come up. Their Accounts Payable team is great to work with and timely in paying.

We look forward to growing our partnership with them over the coming years!

Service Provider – San Francisco, CA
15 Years of Service



Working for MSS this last 6 years has been a very good experience for my company. MSS is a very professional and service-oriented organization. They provide excellent training and on-site support. MSS is overall superior to other business providers I have worked with in the past. They always pay promptly and provide a source for materials. I am very proud to be a part of the MSS team.

Service Provider – Galax, VA
6 Years of Service



Movers Specialty Service is a first class company. I have been a contractor with MSS for over 20 years and have always appreciated the integrity and friendliness of the staff. They provide me with excellent product and informational support that is unsurpassed and have a genuine concern for my success.

Service Provider – Denver, CO
20+ Years of Service



Over the years, MSS has been excellent to work with; they just seem to get better and more efficient every year. When add-ons are requested on-site, the teams get back to us in a timely fashion. My company covers a large geographical area, and Dispatch has worked to help us be more efficient. In my association with MSS, I have experienced a rewarding and professional working relationship.

Service Provider – Wausau, WI
10 Years of Service



Working with MSS has been a top notch experience since beginning with them. They have gone beyond what other companies offer by providing resources and training. The most invaluable help has been support staff who work hard and diligently and stand behind their technicians.

Service Provider – Auburn, ME
1 Year of Service



Our relationship with MSS has been strong from the beginning. Our 20-plus year partnership has been rewarding, fulfilling and profitable as well. They are a company that does what they say they are going to do. They are truly THE leader in the third party industry.

Service Provider – Chicago, IL
20+ Years of Service



My experience has been very positive as a service provider for MSS. Their depth of resources and commitment to assist techs in the field helps us to perform at a high quality level.

Service Provider – New Jersey Shore, NJ
5 Years of Service



Working with MSS has been amazing for the last 16 years. It has been very rewarding and prosperous. The staff is very friendly and professional. It is always an added bonus to get paid promptly. I look forward to many years ahead.

Service Provider – Henrico, VA
16 Years of Service



I have been with MSS for 10 years they have always been top- notch, from IT to Customer Service. They are always the first in the industry for new and inventive ways, from MSS University to MSS Field Forms. They are always trying to make things better. It's been a pleasure and a privilege to work with everyone associated with this company.

Service Provider – Eustis, FL
10 Years of Service



We have had an excellent working relationship with MSS for over 20 years. Small contractors–in any field of business–can find it difficult to operate without the help & support of companies like MSS. Here’s to future success for all in years to come.

Service Provider – Waterford, NY
20+ Years of Service



MSS sets the bar for other third party service providers. The entire organization is behind the field technicians 100% of the way, from direction on handling delicate issues to smooth communication of the daily work schedule. The Dispatch team is extremely knowledgeable of service requirements, helping our technicians out on the day-to-day operations. The extensive website is a great tool for our technicians to hone their skills and answer service related questions. The support and direction from MSS are unmatched in this industry. Thank you!

Service Provider – El Paso, TX
5 Years of Service



We have been working with MSS for the past 16 years and it has been a great relationship thus far, and I believe it will continue to strengthen in the future. We appreciate all that they do to handle their end of our agreement, and we know they appreciate what we do to provide the service that we provide.

MSS sets the standard in the industry and I believe they will continue to do so for many years to come. We look forward to being a part of the journey.

Service Provider – Los Angeles, CA
16 Years of Service



The professional approach to the third party moving industry is why MSS is at the top in its field. Working with them in this fast-developing industry is made easier by their state-of-the-art vendor user system. Their support to vendors, from a great Customer Service staff all the way to upper management, is why we chose to work with MSS and will to continue for years.

Service Provider – Verona, WI
6 Years of Service



We have been working with MSS for well over 20 years. We have seen all the ups and downs of the industry, some good, and some bad. One thing I can attest to is the fact that MSS has always been on the cutting edge of innovation. We've worked with all the major third party companies and they are always following MSS's lead. MSS is constantly striving to give their customers what they want and what they need. As far as the coordinators on all the teams, Dispatch, Management, and Training – it's a winning combination.  

Service Provider – Greenfield, IN
22 Years of Service



The MSS staff has always been helpful and conducted themselves in a professional manner, even in the late months of summer when everyone has worked extremely hard. MSS has always been on the leading edge with new innovations that set them apart from other third party companies. Thank you MSS!  

Service Provider – Edmond, OK
2 Years of Service



We have been working with MSS for many years and enjoy interacting with the teams in Customer Service as well as the Dispatch and Operations team. They have a solid handle on the work and always work to resolve on-site requests for additional services quickly and efficiently. Our entire staff enjoys the rapport we have established with all of the people at MSS. They are just a great company to partner with.  

Service Provider – Tomball, TX
7 Years of Service



We have been working with MSS for over 15 years. They have been an outstanding company to work with. Everyone–from Dispatch, Customer Service, and Billing–has always been very helpful and knowledgeable, and we have built great relationships over the years. It definitely has been a rewarding experience and we hope to continue working with them for many years to come.   

Service Provider – Springboro, OH
10 Years of Service



MSS is an upstanding and reliable company. They understand how important customer service is and they work closely with you to quickly resolve any issues that may arise. The employees always have a positive and upbeat attitude. We've been in the moving industry for more than 20 years and can whole-heartedly say that MSS is undoubtedly one of the best!   

Service Provider – San Diego, CA
1 Year of Service



MSS is a great company to work for. I have been associated with MSS for 17 years. If there is a company in the relocation industry to be partnered with, MSS is the one. MSS communicates with, trains, and holds seminars with their contractors to ensure the highest standard of service in the industry. For me, there is no other way to go.    

Service Provider – Tucson, AZ
17 Years of Service



Doing business with MSS has been very rewarding and pleasurable. They go above and beyond to help my company be successful. We enjoy being a part of such a great company. We've just passed our one year mark with MSS and hope there are many more to come.  

Service Provider – Corydon, IN
1 Year of Service